Healthcare IT Consultants

WalkerHealthcareIT recruits Healthcare Technology professionals to assist Healthcare organizations with the movement to an integrated health system. We provide experienced contract consultants to help our clients navigate the changes that are coming as medicine shifts towards accountable care, electronic health records, and the use of clinical informatics.

We also provide EMR Technology contractors to assist clients with the implementation and administration of their EHR/EMR systems. We provide Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Permanent Placement recruitment services across all Healthcare IT application categories, from core clinical and patient data platforms to complex billing  environments including; Ambulatory and Inpatient
Systems, Clinical and Revenue Cycle Implementation, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Financial and Billing Systems.

The hallmark of WalkerHealthcareIT is competence. Our success is built on our ability to build solid relationships. Our extensive network of industry and community contacts and long standing relationships allows us to place talented professionals in environments that enhance their careers and bolster our clients’ success. As a result we are able to identify, attract and access the very best professionals to support our clients.

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