Management Team

Tifiany Walker | CEO of WalkerSearchGroupTifiany M. Walker is CEO at WalkerHealthcareIT.

Tifiany is a seasoned corporate professional with an extensive history providing leadership and strategic guidance to clients within the technology and healthcare industries.

Tifiany graduated from Culver Girls Academy, a college preparatory school with a focus on leadership training. It was there that Tifiany developed the extraordinary leadership skills, discipline and drive that have become the trademark of WalkerHealthcareIT.

An avid athlete, Tifiany went on to earn a basketball scholarship to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating with a major in English and a minor in Latin, she went on to earn a second degree in chemistry at the University of Michigan.

After graduation, Tifiany began her professional career at Johnson Publishing, one of the largest privately owned publishing companies in the country. As a spokesperson and model for Johnson Publishing, Tifiany conducted speaking engagements for a host of professional organizations to raise funds in support of the Ebony Fashion Fair charitable foundation.

While leading a steadily growing firm, Tifiany is actively involved in a host of community activities and non-profit organizations. She serves as a board member of CARE House of Oakland County and is a member of the Junior League of Birmingham and the Culver Alumni Club of Metro Detroit.

Greg Walker | Senior Managing Principal of WalkerSearchGroupGregory P. Walker is the Senior Managing Principal at WalkerHealthcareIT.

With over 20 years in the executive search, contract staffing and recruiting space, Greg has been extremely influential in helping clients recruit the best talent within their respective organizations.

Having co-founded multiple niche market recruiting firms, Greg has a proven track record of success developing and implementing best in class recruiting solutions and building pro-active superlative recruiting organizations. His industry expertise includes senior executive search, niche market recruiting and outsourced recruitment of workforces for clients within the Transportation, IT, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Legal industries.

Greg’s executive management experience lends itself well to assisting companies that are seeking to drive significant change, ranging from turnarounds to high growth industry, and his consulting experience enables him to identify the competencies and critical success factors that drive high-performing leaders and teams.

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