Diversity at WalkerHealthcareIT

WalkerHealthcareIT is a collection of individuals with different backgrounds, personalities, outlooks and beliefs. We all share the view that our differences make a difference. We value and benefit from the many unique perspectives that our staff brings to our firm.

In turn we are committed to enhancing the client environments that we service, with candidates that come from a myriad of diverse backgrounds and cultures. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness. To that end, we provide our clients with teams of diverse, energized professionals who reflect the communities we collectively serve.

WalkerHealthcareIT’s commitment to diversity is demonstrated through programs and initiatives aimed at providing awareness, hiring and placing people of diverse backgrounds, and maintaining an inclusion policy which guides the conduct of employees and managers pertaining to issues of diversity.

Our inclusion policy focuses on the following:

  • Increased awareness of diversity and its importance
  • The treatment of others with respect, regardless of ethnic background, gender, age, sexual orientation or life experience
  • Sensitivity to the interpretation and impact of communication and actions

Diversity in the workplace is a competitive advantage. It improves our clients’ ability to function and be competitive in a diverse global environment. Not only is diversity morally and socially correct, but the enhanced range of experience it provides serves our clients well. Diversity offers a broader range of perspectives to the issues that they face every day.

These differences really do make a difference.

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