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WalkerHealthcareIT Activation / Go-Live Support Staffing

WalkerHealthcareIT’s Activation/Go-Live Support Services provide your organization with the vetting, selection, on-boarding and management of dedicated resources leading up to, during and beyond your organization’s go-live. We have the ability to provide experienced clinical and non-clinical supplemental resources, who have worked on previous go-live engagements. Our onsite management team is comprised of leaders who have a wealth of experience on other activations.

Experienced and Responsive

WalkerHealthcareIT is experienced. We have worked on a myriad of inpatient and ambulatory go-lives, supporting both clinical and operational staff. Our resources bring forth a host of experience in multiple platforms (Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts, NextGen, McKesson, etc.). While every go-live is unique to its own environment, our team of experienced consultants bring stability to your project. Our consultants have recent, multiple activation experience with their respective platform and are able to bring those invaluable “lessons learned” to your project.

WalkerHealthcareIT’s onsite managers are assigned to each and every project. Our onsite managers handle every detail of the project from providing additional “at the ready” resources to arranging travel logistics. They pride themselves on being extremely responsive to both our clients and consultants. We have the ability to adjust and mobilize the resources necessary to accommodate for additional staffing needs, throughout the length of the engagement. WalkerHealthcareIT is dedicated to providing you with a flexible, cost effective solution which allows for a high rate of success.

WalkerHealthcareIT Go-Live Activation Staffing

WalkerHealthcareIT Activation Solutions


WalkerHealthcareIT Activation / Go-Live Support Brochure

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