EMR Trainer Staffing Solutions

WalkerHealthcareIT helps its clients staff the high-quality training programs that are vital to the success of their EMR implementations.

WalkerHealthcareIT EMR Trainer Staffing Solutions WalkerHealthcareIT is experienced at providing training consultants, who have a successful history of adapting to workflow variations at different client sites. We support all of the critical training team roles that are essential to successfully creating and executing end-user training programs;

  • Training Manager
  • Principal Trainers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Credentialed Trainers
  • Elbow Support
  • Go Live Support

Training Subject Matter Expertise

WalkerHealthcareIT maintains a dedicated Training Manager, who will work with your project director, steering committees, organizational leadership, implementation coordinator (IC) and training project manager (TPM). WalkerHIT’s Training Manager will help design and develop the overall training program and help your organization understand the staffing resources necessary to provide a successful training initiative.

WalkerHealthcareIT’s training consultants can help you determine training strategy, timing and training team size/structure based on factors such as;

  • Implementation scope
  • Application mix and implementation sequencing
  • The size of your organization and number of end users

Regardless of the size and scope of your implementation, WalkerHealthcareIT can provide experienced training resources to help you develop a successful end-user training program.

We can also share best practices and recommendations gleaned from training at other client sites, ensuring that all tasks and milestones are on track, according to your organization’s project plan.

Training Team Quality Standards

Your training team’s ability to make your new EMR system meaningful and useful to end users is a major factor in the success of end-user adoption. As champions of the new system they must positively help end users visualize how they will interact with the system on a daily basis. This includes conveying information regarding workflows and processes, as well as how the system functions.

Trainers cannot successfully teach your staff if they don’t understand your particular workflows or if they don’t have a strong understanding of adult learning principles.
In order to insure the success of your training implementation, WalkerHIT relies on a focused recruiting model for selecting and screening training staff. We only work with training consultants who can demonstrate the following:

  • Consultant Certifications from the applicable technology vendors.
  • Possess a combination of operational expertise and experience in adult education that can help end users understand the system in the context of their daily work.
  • Possess strong verbal communication and public speaking skills.
  • Have a strong belief in the value of the new implementation to the organization.
  • Are comfortable with technology.
  • Are able to appropriately represent the organization by presenting a positive image to the project team, training team, end users, medical staff and organization.
  • Are able to positively market end-user training to generate excitement for classes.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of operational workflows and how they may affect system functionality.
  • Have an understanding of design, teaching, testing, and comprehension assessments utilized in adult learning environments.
  • Demonstrate the ability to continuously analyze the learning styles of end users and effectively adapt educational delivery.
  • Can ensure that all users have successfully completed training and demonstrate competency before gaining access to the live system.
  • Possess the ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders, fellow trainers and leadership.
  • Demonstrate excellent listening skills, and the ability to effectively respond to questions or concerns.



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