Diversity Recruiting

We know diversity is imperative in today’s workplace. We also believe that the ability of an individual should be a priority, regardless of race, gender or any other defining characteristics. Diversity in the workplace is not only the “right” thing to do, but it makes excellent business sense. As more corporations and clients put pressure on their suppliers to become more inclusive, organizations are recognizing the real advantages to paying attention to diversity.

The mission of WalkerHealthcareIT is to help hiring manager’s showcase and articulate their true and demonstrated commitment to diversity, thereby providing diverse industry-specific professionals with the objective information necessary to meaningfully evaluate the diversity initiatives and programs of each organization.

WalkerHealthcareIT is committed to sourcing the brightest and most diverse talent available. We utilize our community partners, extensive network of candidates and ethnocentric organizations to compile our candidates. We also help the best diverse candidates match their interests and career objectives with companies truly committed to inclusion, as well as make accurate and meaningful comparisons among the diversity efforts at organizations vying for their talent.

Our approach raises the degree of expectation for everyone involved regarding inclusion, reduces turnover due to environmental challenges and helps to alleviate skill-based hiring disappointments.

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